The CayEco Group is a transformative Environmental Group formed by a collective group of young caymanians. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact.
What started as a small discussion in the library halls of Plymouth University is being brought to fruition. It all started with a focus of looking for alternatives to single use plastic and how we could enter that market from a perspective of bringing awareness to the harm plastic pollution has on our everniornemnt, the damage it's doing to marine and wildlife. We decided to look at establishing safe products to replace single-use plastic. Now that we've established a solution for replacing plastic we still had the pet peeve of plastic in the ocean, because the two company's were so complex in nature the decision to split the company's only made sense. In that moment, CayOcean was born, given the responsibility to handle all ocean plastic objectives.



Establishing diverse independent organizations to tackle various environmental issues that negatively impact our planet and existence.

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It's simple, change the way we treat nature.


Demand environmental policy change.
Support the ban of single-use plastic in the Cayman Islands and going 100% free of single-use plastic by 2024.

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Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team is the backbone of CEG. Our ideas help shape the direction and mission of our movement as it continues to develop.



As CEO I’m responsible for implementing the strategic plan and development for the entire group, projects, and government affairs, in particular, environmental policies. I play an active role in Cayocean's Technology, Research, Conservation Plans, and Ocean system developments.

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Head of Engineering

I'm the Director of Engineering & Data Monitoring with a prime focus on understanding and quantifying the global influx of plastics into the ocean and engineering solutions to rid plastic from the ocean. Prior to joining CayOcean, I studied at the University of Plymouth where I received a Master’s in Marine Technology, otherwise known as Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy being on the water, whether it being fishing, competing in a sailing regatta, or just enjoying the ocean with friends and for those times I'm not on the water, you can probably find me cooking on the grill. I'm a young Caymanian with a passion for the sea and wants to ensure that myself and everyone else who calls Cayman home, can enjoy a clean ocean for years to come.



Product Development Associate

As a young Caymanian from the district of East End, two traits that easily identify me is a nature lover and avid fisherman. I have a passion and love for being outdoors, fishing, and everything it has to offer. A small, yet diverse group of friends and I decided to create a group of companies that will carry out a core set of missions to protect our environment, wildlife, marine life, and ecosystem so that generations to come are able to enjoy our islands.

I’m a Product Development Associate for CayOcean with the responsibility of ensuring we have the right products and systems to rid our oceans of plastic including assisting with ocean expeditions.



Research & Development Associate

Originally from Aylesbury a small town in the United Kingdom, I ventured to the coastal city of Plymouth to attend university. During my time in Plymouth, I had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty around Devon and Cornwall or natural beauty I thought. During my ventures, I've come to the realization of the ever-growing problem of plastic pollution after witnessing the places once praised for their natural beauty was being destroyed by littering of single-use plastics which caused harm to wildlife around those areas.

My responsibility as Research & Development Associate at CayEco is to develop products that are innovative and carry out their function to an excellent standard with the core of these products being that they are manufactured sustainably.

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Communications Associate

Being a young Caymanian that has always been passionate and intrigued by the ocean and the creatures below it, ever since I have gotten into scuba diving six years ago, I’ve been a part of ocean and land clean-ups. During my diving and various clean-ups, it has opened my eyes to the realization of how harmful plastic is to our ecosystem and by joining CayEco as an owner I aim to help bring awareness globally to the importance of plastic issues.

As Communications Associate, my responsibility at CayEco is to bring awareness to the importance and dangers of single-use plastic and the harm it causes to our ecosystem, wildlife inclusive of providing solutions in these areas. 

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